Incorporate your small (offline) business into the digital.

Small business owners learned a lot about the necessity of having an internet presence as a result of the pandemic. Approximately, 280,000 firms began selling online for the first time, according to Google’s 2021 Impact report. Because of the limited chances available during lockdowns, many businesses have had to rely primarily on digital marketing to promote their products.

For decades, we’ve witnessed the globe change from analogue to digital, but recent events have accelerated the trend.

There are numerous new methods to use evolving technologies to communicate with clients on a digital level. But then, how do you present an online environment that is highly optimized, mobile-friendly, and scalable enough to stand out from competitors. Having a website is great, perhaps, what you really need is a safe and well-structured online environment.

Getting a user to click on an ad is only half the battle, up until the point of purchase. The post-click experience must be seamless. At Bickdrim, we help you diversify your ad spending across multiple platforms. Pinterest and LinkedIn are exhibiting promising ad expenditure returns, not to mention TikTok, the world’s fastest growing app. We repurpose content in a great way to save resources on designing content by turning one asset into something else if your budget is low.

using powerful tools of AI and machine learning technologies to better personalize experiences for your users, delivering personalized messages to individuals based on their trackable activities rather than mass marketing approaches that give one message to a set target population.

Some steps may appear to be tremendous jumps for businesses that are new to the digital. You can drive traffic, create purchases, and even convince clients to fall in love with your business if you have the necessary tools, a well-optimized, mobile-friendly website, an active social media presence and content that will help you stand out.

Even the tiniest business can now afford a full-service design and internet marketing solution thanks to the development of online services. You may access vital creative assets and tools to produce attractive and engaging content for any social media platform. 

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