Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Audit?

A Digital Marketing Audit will help make your company aware of the marketing efforts you are currently putting in and their subsequent results. Digital Marketing audits will examine various digital marketing channels your organization is currently using and result in; recommendations, results based on your outlined goals, and guidance for setting clear and attainable results. 

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Some questions you’ll want to consider during a Digital Marketing Website Audit are:

Are the internal and external links working properly?

Are there any spam comments in your blog posts that need to be addressed?

Are all of the images up to date and loading properly?

When auditing your social media, it is important to have a clearly defined set of achievable goals outlined to help measure your progress. You want your goals to have a clear timeline, and quantifiable objectives you can track.

Some important things to look at when conducting a social media audit are:

Has the traffic from your social media pages to your website risen?

What is your monthly growth rate?

Are you generating more repeat visitors or new visitors? Ideally, you should have a mix.

How is your engagement on social media?

Has your brand awareness increased?

How many leads have you generated through social media?

At Bickdrim, our digital auditing tea helps you take your Digital Marketing audit to the next step and use those results and recommendations to create or enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy. As you go through the phases of your newly developed strategy we will continuously measure key metrics and track your performance against KPIs. This will help to ensure you are staying on track with your plan and help you where your plan may need adjusting.

Conducting a social media audit will help you realign your goals based on the progress you’ve made so far, reach out to Bickdrim.com for the best profitable results.

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