Acquiring your first’s customers online

No matter what industry you’re in, every startup business owner has the same burning question: “How will I get my first customers?

The rate of failure for most small startups is often high during their first years, the challenge of acquiring their first’s customers is a must face situation, you don’t know if your products/services have any value for you to start getting engagement from your audience.

what’s that one thing every business wants? is it having customers? fame or endless money? the answer is quite simple having customers, having customers assures that your business stays up the flow and in the long term run, However, establishing a customer base is one of the most challenging aspects small businesses/startups have to do with.

Wondering how to reach your first customer? At Bickdrim, we help you build your customer base going from building suitable content and increasing leads to your brand.

How to find potential customers?

Start by exploring the network around you, friends, acquaintances, family, professional connections etc. Remember, at this point, your focus is not about closing the deal but looking at early-stage exploration and sales engagement. We help on how to approach your already existing network, listen and understand them better to gauge their pain points.

How relevant is your service to that of your competitors? talking to customers of your competitors using competitors’ products will help you improvise your product/service to better meet the clients’ requirements. Another effective way is by offering a free trial to your product/service, Sound right? It is a powerful and less expensive way to grab customers unlike ad campaigns and others. It can drive huge traffic and help market your service easily. These customers can easily be converted to paying customers, giving you have met their expectations with what you offered. leverage online communities for products that are similar to yours, or raise issues that your product can provide a solution for.

Over time, we will help you develop a well-established process that you can perform over and over again, as it grows, your business will create additional services/products that will improve and facilitate the sales process. Reach out to, we help you improve the product by taking into account lessons learned from sales. one of the most important aspects of running a business is, in a large part, the combination of product development, marketing strategy and sales.

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